Testosterone Levels and Sex Drive

Connection Between Low Testosterone Levels and the Sex Drive

Low testosterone levels can affect your sex drive as well as your sexual performance. It can lead to erectile dysfunction and low stamina, which can impact your ability to have satisfying sex. If you consistently experience a low sex drive, it is important to find out the cause for it. Once you know what is causing low testosterone levels in your body you can take steps to increase your testosterone. Low testosterone levels can affect your sex drive in many ways.

Affects of low testosterone on sex drive

Low testosterone can mean low stamina: When testosterone production is not optimum it can lower your stamina. Low stamina can translate into low energy levels and poor sexual performance.

Low testosterone can affect libido: Testosterone levels when low can mean low libido and this can affect your desire to have sex. It might not always affect libido but in the majority of the cases men with low testosterone levels experience low libido and when it is prolonged it leads to poor sexual performance or an absence of sexual desire.

Low testosterone levels and erectile dysfunction: In some cases low testosterone production can lead to erectile dysfunctions. If it happens regularly then it might be time to seek help.

Steps to boost your testosterone levels

Consult your doctor to see if there is a medical condition that could be causing your testosterone levels to drop. Obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and other health problems could be the culprits here.

Ask your doctor about supplements that you can take to boost your testosterone. Some supplements are safe and help with lot of issues related to energy levels, blood flow, libido and testosterone. Alpha Elite is a supplement that can increase testosterone production in your body. It also helps to boost libido, improve sexual performance and increase stamina.

Make your lifestyle healthy to boost your testosterone. Include physical activities in your schedule as per your age and health. Mild to high-intensity cardio workouts are a great way to improve your health, which in turn can help increase your testosterone levels. Swimming, jogging and cycling are good cardio exercises that are also fun. Include more physical activities in your daily life. Go hiking once in a while or take long walks. Use stairs instead of elevators. Right eating habits are a part of a healthy lifestyle. Eat more fruits, vegetables and healthy fats and less of processed foods.

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